Access to Narita Tobu hotel airport

We arrive by hotel free bus to Narita Airport in about 5-10 minutes! In busy morning, you can leave slowly.

Narita Tobu hotel airport 
〒286-0106 320-1, Tokkou, Narita-shi, Chiba
TEL 0476-32-1234 (main)
FAX 0476-32-0617

Visitor who comes by car

It is convenience of approximately five minutes via way general from Higashi Kanto Expressway "Narita" interchange! 

-From the downtown area via capital bay-coast express way or 7 size Komatsugawa line (Tokyo and Chiba district road) to Higashi Kanto Expressway.
-As you part from "expressway to airport" in "the area in Narita-shi" at tollgate of Narita Interchange, please advance to "the area in Narita-shi".
-We enter National highway No. 295 according to mark of "Narita Airport, the Tako area" if we pass tollgate, and we turn left at the "Tokko Bridge" intersection that we went ahead through to the airport area for approximately five minutes, and there is hotel immediately.

Parking lot
 It is 400 yen per night.

Public transport in the case of the use

The nearest station is JR Line, Keisei Line "Airport-Terminal2 Station" (the second third terminal) or "Narita-Airport Station" (the first terminal).
Please use hotel free bus from airport second terminal <the first-floor 25th bus stop> or the first terminal <the first-floor 16th bus stop> to hotel.
-As there is not bus from the third terminal, by foot or communication bus, come to the second terminal the first floor 25th bus stop.
B zone to <second terminal /1 floor 25th bus stop on the first floor: Please use exit of north exit 2/ north exit 3?
To <first terminal /1 floor 16th bus stop, it is south wing the first floor: Please use exit of south exit S2/ south exit S3?

Access by train from Tokyo

It is a minimum period of 36 minutes with Keisei Skyliner from Keisei Nippori Station
(from Keisei-Ueno Station a minimum period of 41 minutes)
It is approximately 95 minutes by Keihin Electric Express, Toei Asakusa Line direct communication, access limited express from Haneda-Airport Station
From Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Yokohama Station, it is about 60-95 minutes by Narita express

-As the second terminal /1 floor 25th bus stop became transference nearer the slightly third terminal from 2017/2/1, conventional place, please be careful.

About movement between airport third terminal - hotel

You move from the third terminal to the second terminal by "communication bus", and please use "bus for Tobu hotel" from the 25th bus stop.

When come from … third terminal to hotel on foot (approximately 650m); …
We leave the third terminal and go ahead through the green sidewalk and pass through airport second gate and go ahead through the sidewalk to way, and there is hotel entrance on the right hand which crossed signal.

-When it is moved on foot between the second terminal - third terminals, please use access passage (approximately 630m).

About movement between JR Narita Station / Keisei-Narita Station - hotel

From JR Narita Station <the east exit> third bus stop, hotel bus departs.
Visitor of the use leaves Keisei-Narita Station <the west exit> at Keisei-Narita Station, and come to the JR Narita Station area.
This bus goes to hotel through Aeon Mall or Don Quixote from Narita Station.

The access Narita [Narita Airport neighborhood hotel going straight bus (1,000 yen)]

From Ginza Station (free-standing tea ceremony room bridge, in front of west Ginza chance center)
From Tokyo Station Yaesu south exit (JR express bus terminal seventh bus stop)Bus train time

At  Ginza Station 18:30, At Tokyo Station 18:40, Arrival at Narita Tobu hotel airport 20:00
At Ginza Station 19:30, At Tokyo Station 19:40, Arrival at Narita Tobu hotel airport 21:00
・At Ginza Station 20:30, At Tokyo Station 20:40, Arrival at Narita Tobu hotel airport 22:00
・At Ginza Station 21:30, At Tokyo Station 21:40, Arrival at Narita Tobu hotel airport 23:00